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On Shia LaBeouf’s Metamodern Performance Art

Abigail Ann Schwarz experiences Shia LaBeouf’s #IAMSORRY performance exhibit in Los Angeles and the surrounding media coverage.


Notes on the state of the subject

Postmodernism announced the death of the subject, but recent developments in literature, philosophy and political agency suggest that it is alive and kicking as ever. Not in form of the…


The Awesome, or the metamodern sublime

Under postmodernism, cyberspace served as the most prominent cultural example of the sublime. Today, however, the concept of opacity has emerged which negates the corrosive effect of web links, providing…


“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!”

Time Magazine once described the first ten years of the new millennium as the decade from hell  -  a decade littered with wars and terror attacks, natural catastrophes and economic crises. The resulting sense…

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Quirky, Tone and Metamodernism

I have previously written on this site about the ‘quirky’ cinematic sensibility, which is represented most clearly in the kinds of millennial and post-millennial American indie comedies and comedy-dramas brought…

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The Observer on to something?

Vannessa Thorpe, arts and media correspondent for The Observer, perceives a new generation of artists turning its back on the by now anachronistic YBAs. “As some of the former rebels…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014