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Leslie Knope, oil painting by Gerry Gurgich

Metamodernism, Quirky and Feminism*

As metamodernism as an idiom, philosophy, sensibility and cultural force are being developed, conceptualized and analyzed, I think it is time to address an important and central aspect so far…


Wes Anderson, tone, and the quirky sensibility

Frequent Notes on Metamodernism contributor James MacDowell recently published his second academic essay on the quirky sensibility. His article in The New Review of Film and Television Studies situates Wes Anderson…


Notes on the state of the subject

Postmodernism announced the death of the subject, but recent developments in literature, philosophy and political agency suggest that it is alive and kicking as ever. Not in form of the…

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Notes on Quirky

Regular Notes on metamodernism contributor James MacDowell recently published an essay on Quirky and metamodernism in the newly revamped academic film journal Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism. You can…

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Quirky, Tone and Metamodernism

I have previously written on this site about the ‘quirky’ cinematic sensibility, which is represented most clearly in the kinds of millennial and post-millennial American indie comedies and comedy-dramas brought…

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Of heart and discourse

A few days ago, Gry Rustad wrote about cynical, “bullying” irony (“the joke that wasn’t funny anymore”) falling to the wayside as comedy focused on “community” and delivered with (nearly)…

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