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“I agree to this”: Third Angel and the Price of Fame

Hi. My name is Rachel. I’m 36 years old, I’m happily married and I agree to this.[1] These words, a recorded sound bite voiced over a motionless studio stage, open…


Beyond Postmodernism

The American art magazine Art Pulse has just published an interesting article by the art historian Stephen Knudsen on metamodernism and painting, in particular the work of Bo Bartlett. We…


Thirteen theses on (the end of) liberal democracy

Liberal democracy isn’t doing so well these days. The countries that have it seem keen to get rid of it. Presidents are installed without being elected (Italy), autocratic populist parties…


How PoMo can you go?

Kim Levin just published an article in ARTnews describing the end of postmodernism and the emergence of metamodernism. She writes: In the past couple of years, there’s been a new…


New French Extremity: An Exigency for Reality

Coined by critic James Quandt in 2004[i], the term New French Extremity refers to a selection of directors whose films embody a new aesthetic of naturalistic violence and symbolic transgression….


To engage in literature

  In Rethinking Postmodernism(s) Katrin Amian declares that “Postmodernism, it seems, is history”[1] for the simple reason that “the term appears to have exhausted its potential as a means of…

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