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The Fear of Failure

  “There is no longer anyone today who would be deceived by the accumulation of facts as to how much of historical representation and construction is fulfilled by naïve projections  and identification….


TIME’s person of the year 2011

TIME, they are a changing. After Newt Gingrich in 1995, GW Bush in 2000, and Bennie Bernanke in 2009, the TIME person of the year 2011 is… The Protester. As…


Notes on the state of the subject

Postmodernism announced the death of the subject, but recent developments in literature, philosophy and political agency suggest that it is alive and kicking as ever. Not in form of the…


#Occupy is a Wikimovement. Not a Facebook-revolution

This week the Dutch quality newspapers NRC (abridged version) and NRC next (full version, below) published my opinion piece on the #occupy-movement and the occupation of Beursplein in Amsterdam and…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014