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TANK Magazine interviews Timotheus Vermeulen

The renowned arts and culture magazine TANK Magazine has published an interview with Notes on metamodernism co-founder Timotheus Vermeulen. In the interview, Vermeulen discusses the meaning of the term metamodernism, the…


The New Weird Generation (II)

In a previous post on The New Weird Generation I wrote that artists such as Antony Hegarty, Coco Rosie and Devendra Banhart perceive everyday life as alienating – as too…


Herzog & de Meuron (2)

Architects, we wrote in a previous post, struggle to find an aesthetics proper to the metamodern structure of feeling. A particularly interesting exception to this rule is the office of…


The New Weird Generation (I)

In the documentary The Eternal Children (see also ‘CocoRosie’), Antony Hegarty, lead singer of the pop ensemble Antony and the Johnsons, perceives the waning of a postmodern sensibility, and the…

Fullmoon Quatrain2

New Romanticism

The world must be romanticized. In this way its original meaning will be rediscovered. To romanticize is nothing but a qualitative heightening. In this process the lower self becomes identified…


Herzog & de Meuron (1)

Contemporary architectural practices do not seem to fit yesteryear’s conceptuali-zations of the modern and the postmodern.Whereas modern architecture (1920s-1960s) was dedicated to the possibility of utopia and the ideal of…

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