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Reality Monger

David Shields’ Reality Hunger is subtitled “A Manifesto.” The whole title is: Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. When was the last time you saw that sitting on a bookshelf–that word, “manifesto”?…

Gaillard - Deux Chemins

Hard and soft

Metamodernism is above all about oscillation. Or at least for me it is. It is about the oscillation between the modern and the postmodern, history and ahistoricity, optimism and pessimism,…


Il faut être absolument metamoderne!

At the end of the nineteenth century, the French writer Arthur Rimbaud urged us to be modern, nothing but modern, with a phrase that was as idiomatic as it was…


Thom Browne’s Metamodern Fashion

The first thing that distinguishes Hollywood-actor-turned-fashion-designer Thom Browne from most fellow American designers is his lust for provocation but also a certain rigidity and appeal to discipline. An American through…


Hard-boiled wonderland, blue velvet and the end of postmodernism

It has become somewhat of an axiom to associate certain artistic practices to specific discourses, and specific artists to certain sensibilities. It has become a truism, for instance, to link…


Strategies of the metamodern

The modern is associated with politics as diverse as utopism, formalism, functionalism, seriality, art for art’s sake, the flaneur, syntaxis, restlessness, alienation, streams of consciousness, the cinematic apparatus, cubism, Reason,…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014