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The Awesome, or the metamodern sublime

Under postmodernism, cyberspace served as the most prominent cultural example of the sublime. Today, however, the concept of opacity has emerged which negates the corrosive effect of web links, providing…


Frieze: ‘Philosophy Then, Now & Beyond’

It’s twenty years since the first issue of Frieze. To celebrate this milestone, the september issue of the magazine looks back at two decades of art, art criticism and essayism –…

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Quirky, Tone and Metamodernism

I have previously written on this site about the ‘quirky’ cinematic sensibility, which is represented most clearly in the kinds of millennial and post-millennial American indie comedies and comedy-dramas brought…

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The Observer on to something?

Vannessa Thorpe, arts and media correspondent for The Observer, perceives a new generation of artists turning its back on the by now anachronistic YBAs. “As some of the former rebels…


The trick with the rabbit and the tricking rabbit

Advertising transcends its function as a managerial tool designed to influence consumption and also echoes, reproduces and taps into wider societal themes, values and trends. The debate and study of…

Robocop on a unicorn

“Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the awesome.”

The heathen Israelites of 3500 years ago stood before an idol, a calf cast out of solid gold. Even today we can understand the appeal of such an object—in the…

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