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A Tale for the Time Being

Reading Ruth Ozeki’s novel A Tale for the Time Being, now in 2013, I find myself in no doubt that the book is exactly that – a tale for the time being. Indeed, the novel appears to speak to the present…


Geometries of Utopian Desire

Jess Littlewood’s photo collages present a series of visions that are at once otherworldly and familiar, eerie yet alluring. These dark, imagined landscapes, littered with their ambiguous structures, seem to perfectly encapsulate…


ArtInfo discusses metamodernism with Timotheus Vermeulen

Alexander Forbes interviews gallerist Tanja Wagner and cultural philosopher Timotheus Vermeulen: In any moment, it’s nearly impossible to locate or isolate shifts, changes in tendencies, whether social, aesthetic, or otherwise—banal…

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Learning with Ulf Aminde

Walk into Galerie Tanja Wagner in Berlin and you suddenly are face-to-face with the man Ulf, himself. He’s there in photocopied-form; he’s there in his art works. Facing you are…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014