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Discussing Metamodernism

Postmodernism is over. As global warming, the credit crunch and political instabilities are rapidly taking us beyond that so prematurely proclaimed ‘End of History’, the postmodern culture of relativism, irony…


The metamodern mindset

The Berlin Art Journal discusses the metamodern mindset. Alexander Forbes writes: In any moment, it’s nearly impossible to locate or isolate shifts, changes in tendencies, whether social, aesthetic, or otherwise—banal…

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Learning with Ulf Aminde

Walk into Galerie Tanja Wagner in Berlin and you suddenly are face-to-face with the man Ulf, himself. He’s there in photocopied-form; he’s there in his art works. Facing you are…


The door opens inwards

Some time ago, Galerie Tanja Wagner curated the first exhibition explicitly linked to the metamodern. It would be an understatement to say that the exhibition was a success in terms…


Galerie Tanja Wagner opens its doors – onto the metamodern

On the 25th of September, Galerie Tanja Wagner will open its doors with the much anticipated, aptly titled exhibition ‘Die Tür geht nach Innen auf’. But what is it that…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014