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Last month the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University hosted Common love. As the catalogue aptly put it, the show exhibited a rather ‘unconventional exploration of love’ ‘Love?’ Yes. Love….

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The Young Berlin Artists

Over the last few decades, the international art scene has moved to Berlin. En masse. Inspired by cheap rents, massive spaces, and a high quality of life. But also by the…


The New Weird Generation (II)

In a previous post on The New Weird Generation I wrote that artists such as Antony Hegarty, Coco Rosie and Devendra Banhart perceive everyday life as alienating – as too…

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Quirky is a word that critics apply to American ‘indie’ movies with a tiresome predictability – indeed, it sometimes seems to be treated as synonymous with the contemporary American independent…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014