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The Awesome, or the metamodern sublime

Under postmodernism, cyberspace served as the most prominent cultural example of the sublime. Today, however, the concept of opacity has emerged which negates the corrosive effect of web links, providing…


Metamodernism at the Moscow biennale

The 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, beginning the last week of september, will run a cinematic program on metamodernism. Curated by Jake Yuzna, No More Modern: Notes on Metamodernism pairs recent…


Frieze: ‘Philosophy Then, Now & Beyond’

It’s twenty years since the first issue of Frieze. To celebrate this milestone, the september issue of the magazine looks back at two decades of art, art criticism and essayism –…


Reality Monger

David Shields’ Reality Hunger is subtitled “A Manifesto.” The whole title is: Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. When was the last time you saw that sitting on a bookshelf–that word, “manifesto”?…

Spatial Agency: Other Ways of Doing Architecture

Spatial Agency: Other Ways of Doing Architecture

Architecture “as a profession…is based on the need for architecture (as practice and product) to be the protected domain of the architect” (2011: 28). In a new book, Spatial Agency:…


“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!”

Time Magazine once described the first ten years of the new millennium as the decade from hell  -  a decade littered with wars and terror attacks, natural catastrophes and economic crises. The resulting sense…

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