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Writer and curator Daniel C Blight casts his critical eye on the Fotomuseum Winterhur’s blog, Still Searching, and the role of politics in art education.


How PoMo can you go?

Kim Levin just published an article in ARTnews describing the end of postmodernism and the emergence of metamodernism. She writes: In the past couple of years, there’s been a new…


The New Aesthetic’s Speculative Promise

The interweb has been abuzz of late with talk of The New Aesthetic. A never-ending stream of polemical blog posts and autobot-regurgitated twitter commentaries (hashtag #newaesthetic) bombards us from every…


The Palimpsest and the Cannibal

In his recent study The Signature of All Things, the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben suggests that the present can be discovered on the shores of remembrance and recovered at the…


Defining the rootless label: a romantically ironic appeal

This article deals with a thought process which I have tried to capture. For a long time I have wished for a definition of Asperger’s Syndrome, a desire based on…

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TANK Magazine interviews Timotheus Vermeulen

The renowned arts and culture magazine TANK Magazine has published an interview with Notes on metamodernism co-founder Timotheus Vermeulen. In the interview, Vermeulen discusses the meaning of the term metamodernism, the…

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