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‘een verlangen naar oprechtheid’

    IN MEI VAN DIT JAAR PUBLICEERDE dit weekblad onder de kop ‘Verlangen naar oprechtheid’ een korte recensie van het laatste album van zangeres Anouk, Sad Singalong Songs. Een maand eerder…


A New Dawn

“I paint your house, you sing a song at my boyfriend’s birthday. The next door neighbour sets up a farm on the roof of his house. Artists sell gloves knitted by Granny – the proceeds are for an art project. Things can be different!”


Thirteen theses on (the end of) liberal democracy

Liberal democracy isn’t doing so well these days. The countries that have it seem keen to get rid of it. Presidents are installed without being elected (Italy), autocratic populist parties…


The Fear of Failure

  “There is no longer anyone today who would be deceived by the accumulation of facts as to how much of historical representation and construction is fulfilled by naïve projections  and identification….


‘The border is everywhere’: excursions in the politics of identity

However hard people try, the undoing of borders seems inevitable; the fragility of boundaries, obvious. Indeed, the ‘literal’ (physical, geo-political, national) border is, in many ways, merely a proxy for…


Questioning Multiculturalism

By the end of the 1980s, one term had become the magic word in political theory and a mainstay of social politics in many liberal, western states: Multiculturalism. Between the…

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