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‘een verlangen naar oprechtheid’

    IN MEI VAN DIT JAAR PUBLICEERDE dit weekblad onder de kop ‘Verlangen naar oprechtheid’ een korte recensie van het laatste album van zangeres Anouk, Sad Singalong Songs. Een maand eerder…


The New Aesthetic’s Speculative Promise

The interweb has been abuzz of late with talk of The New Aesthetic. A never-ending stream of polemical blog posts and autobot-regurgitated twitter commentaries (hashtag #newaesthetic) bombards us from every…


The Awesome, or the metamodern sublime

Under postmodernism, cyberspace served as the most prominent cultural example of the sublime. Today, however, the concept of opacity has emerged which negates the corrosive effect of web links, providing…


#Occupy is a Wikimovement. Not a Facebook-revolution

This week the Dutch quality newspapers NRC (abridged version) and NRC next (full version, below) published my opinion piece on the #occupy-movement and the occupation of Beursplein in Amsterdam and…

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Douglas Rushkoff describes the metamodern generation

“Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase?”, media theorist Douglas Rushkoff writes on – “You don’t get it.” According to Rushkoff, the recent protests, demonstrations, bridge-ins, walk-ins and sit-ins…


For Inclusion in the Syllabi

The first line of a press release by Am Nuden Da directs the reader as to how to approach the text that follows. The preamble to an exhibition of some…

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