Last Exit Underclass

When I discussed Lana Del Rey’s ten-minute video ‘Ride’ in my aesthetics seminar group there was a strong disagreement amongst the students about the quality, novelty, inventiveness, and meaning of the identity claims…


Playing Touchy-Feely

Musical improvisation is a metamodern practice. It is an oscillation between two opposing poles: the willingness to be open to the sounds produced by others and the urge to direct…


Defining the rootless label: a romantically ironic appeal

This article deals with a thought process which I have tried to capture. For a long time I have wished for a definition of Asperger’s Syndrome, a desire based on…


The New Weird Generation (II)

In a previous post on The New Weird Generation I wrote that artists such as Antony Hegarty, Coco Rosie and Devendra Banhart perceive everyday life as alienating – as too…


The New Weird Generation (I)

In the documentary The Eternal Children (see also ‘CocoRosie’), Antony Hegarty, lead singer of the pop ensemble Antony and the Johnsons, perceives the waning of a postmodern sensibility, and the…



“To engage with CocoRosie requires absolute suspension of disbelief”, The Guardian once wrote about the sister-duo CocoRosie. Anyone who has been to one of their live shows or has seen…

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