The Selvage of Incoherence

Examining how Padgett Powell’s treatment of literary devices in ‘The Interrogative Mood: A Novel?’ situates the text in the realm of Metamodernism. The edge of incoherence is a strong position . . .


A Tale for the Time Being

Reading Ruth Ozeki’s novel A Tale for the Time Being, now in 2013, I find myself in no doubt that the book is exactly that – a tale for the time being. Indeed, the novel appears to speak to the present…

Dana Ward, The crisis of Infinite worlds

Poetry and the Price of Milk

The discussion on metamodern poetry is picking up speed. After Seth Abramson’s series of celebrations of metamodern poetry in the Huffington Post (see here and here), a more critical appraisal…


American Book Review dedicates special issue to metamodernism

The American Book Review (34: 4) dedicated a special issue to metamodernism. It includes review…


On Literary Metamodernism

The U.S. Edition of The Huffington Post just published a very interesting essay in which Seth Abramson discusses and contextualises a metamodern poetics. He writes: Metamodernism is much more than the implicit…


Parallel Campaigns

Robert Musil’s ‘Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften’ and David Foster Wallace’s ‘Infinite Jest’ are two of the most meaningful and comprehensive works of the 20th century. Robert Musil’s ‘Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften’…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014