Timotheus Vermeulen

Thirteen theses on (the end of) liberal democracy

Liberal democracy isn’t doing so well these days. The countries that have it seem keen to get rid of it. Presidents are installed without being elected (Italy), autocratic populist parties…


Which Side Are You On?

Annabel Daou’s art work ‘Which Side are You On?’ (2012) features an old television, a still image, a tape recording of the artist asking the titular question ‘which side are…


The lunar tic

What’s up with us and the moon? Having ignored it for years, nay, centuries, keeping our eyes firmly to the ground, we have recently begun looking for it everywhere and…

Takala wallflower01

The Young Berlin Artists

Over the last few decades, the international art scene has moved to Berlin. En masse. Inspired by cheap rents, massive spaces, and a high quality of life. But also by the…

Gaillard - Deux Chemins

Hard and soft

Metamodernism is above all about oscillation. Or at least for me it is. It is about the oscillation between the modern and the postmodern, history and ahistoricity, optimism and pessimism,…


The door opens inwards

Some time ago, Galerie Tanja Wagner curated the first exhibition explicitly linked to the metamodern. It would be an understatement to say that the exhibition was a success in terms…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014