Robin van den Akker

#Occupy is a Wikimovement. Not a Facebook-revolution

This week the Dutch quality newspapers NRC (abridged version) and NRC next (full version, below) published my opinion piece on the #occupy-movement and the occupation of Beursplein in Amsterdam and…


‘for the love of…’

Last month the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University hosted Common love. As the catalogue aptly put it, the show exhibited a rather ‘unconventional exploration of love’ ‘Love?’ Yes. Love….


Metamodern fables

Upon entering Nathalie Djurberg’s (1978) exhibition (Boijmans, 2011) one cannot avoid a sense of bewilderment. Set up around stop-motion claymation video’s of mostly naked figures dancing delightedly, flirting intimately and…


Capitalism 4.0

Interesting times call for interesting books. In Capitalism 4.0: The Birth of a New Economy in the Aftermath of Crisis (2010) (and elsewhere) Anatole Kaletsky, Editor-at-Large of The Times, comes up with a thoughtful analysis of the past, present and future of global capitalism. Putting the events of the 2007-2009 economic crisis, epitomized by the fall of Lehmann Brothers, into a historical perspective, he writes:


Bjarke Ingels Group (I)

Although the Bjarke Ingels Group (2006) is a relatively young architectural practice – younger, in fact, than Facebook – it has rapidly acquired quite a name for itself and has…


The fall of the PI(I)GS

A new era comes with new acronyms for new phenomena. We have already commented on the rise of the BRICs, which is an apt shorthand for Brasil, Russia, India and…

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