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To engage in literature

  In Rethinking Postmodernism(s) Katrin Amian declares that “Postmodernism, it seems, is history”[1] for the simple reason that “the term appears to have exhausted its potential as a means of…


Thread Therapy

Last October thirteen international young artists were showing their work in an old hotel in Munich, called Mariandl. Two of them – Stephanie Müller and Klaus Erich Dietl – transformed…

Illuminating language (2)

Illuminating language (II)

  In literary reviews ‘Everything is illuminated’ by Jonathan Safran Foer is often praised for its richness in tone and genre. It is both ironic and serious and it shows…


Illuminating Language

Foer’s novel ‘Everything is illuminated’ can easily be seen as your typical postmodern novel. It consists of three text forms: the narrative itself, a one-sided letter correspondence, and a kind…


Real Fiction (II)

In Ian McEwan`s Atonement fiction is as ambiguously portrayed as in Kennedy`s “Original Bliss”. But McEwan goes further. He not only portrays the two-faced nature of fiction, he also strongly…

Real Fiction (I)

  In A.L. Kennedy`s short story “Original Bliss” fiction is introduced as a powerful instrument that is able to stabilize situations, relationships and identities but also possesses a destructive and…

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