Luke Turner

Quiet Moves

Joseph Beuys famously declared that everyone is an artist. Nowadays, however, it would appear we are all curators. In today’s vernacular, we’re urged to ‘curate’ all aspects of our lives, from the posters that hang…


In Pursuit of Elusive Horizons

Richard T. Walker’s three-channel video projection, the speed and eagerness of meaning (2011), sees the artist wandering across the epic expanses of the Mojave Desert on a quest for revelation;…


Disappearing Into One

“When the two disappear into the one, where does the one go?” So asks the elusive Zen koan that serves as a starting point for this thoughtfully staged exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection, a curatorial collaboration…


The Image Object Post-Photoshop

We are living in a post-Photoshop era — or so Lorenzo Durantini postulates, with a wry smile. Durantini has curated Brush It In, a group exhibition at Flowers Gallery taking its title from a colloquial expression…


Geometries of Utopian Desire

Jess Littlewood’s photo collages present a series of visions that are at once otherworldly and familiar, eerie yet alluring. These dark, imagined landscapes, littered with their ambiguous structures, seem to perfectly encapsulate…


David Foster Wallace’s Hideous Men & London’s Olympic Epiphany

As this inclement and balmy London summer draws to a close, the ICA plays host to Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, David Foster Wallace’s darkly comic collection of short stories,…

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Notes on Metamodernism, 2014