Adbusters: ‘From Mo to Pomo to Metamo’

The magazine looks into the shift from postmodernism to metamodernism


The January/February issue of Adbusters, the renowned activist network and magazine, looks into the shift from postmodernism to metamodernism. Written by Niels van Poecke, one of NoMs regular contributors, the essay on metamodernism is included in Aesthetico, the last issue of the Blueprint for a New World series, which aims, as the magazine puts it,

for an aesthetic awakening, a re-wilding of the capitalist imagination — an adjustment to the mood, the tone, the style and thrust of our lives that has to happen if we’re going to have any kind of a future on this planet. Is our crisis a crisis of aesthetics? Can we design ourselves out of a terrifying future? Where is the human spirit heading?

You can find the essay here.