A New Dawn

On the 24th of May, Notes on Metamodernism and Artez will be working together towards a new future. Will you join us?

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“I paint your house, you sing a song at my boyfriend’s birthday. The next door neighbour sets up a farm on the roof of his house. Artists sell gloves knitted by Granny – the proceeds are for an art project. Things can be different!”

On May 24th, Notes on Metamodernism will be working on the future. And we would like to invite you to join us! From sustainable design to constructive engagement, and with sensitivity for each other, our surroundings and our artistic practice. And we’re gonna be hard core! New ways of working, implementing the newest technologies and getting back to basics too. It’s sure to be a success!

In collaboration with ArtEZ studium generale we present an extraordinary line-up of internationally renowned speakers and artists – starting with a wake-up call from Laura van Dolron (stand-up philosopher). Also, a diverse range of workouts packed with powertalks, idea injections and sparkling new perspectives. Including names such as: Tod Machover (composer, inventor), Hendrik-Jan Grievink (co-founder Next Nature), Ulf Aminde (visual artist, theatre maker), Nicole Beutler & Jessica Helbach (choreographer & costume designer), Rob Voerman (visual artist), Michiel Schwarz & Diana Krabbendam (sustainist thinkers & designers ), Pascale Gatzen (fashion designer), John-Paul Flintoff (journalist, film maker, auteur), Charles Avery (visual artist, writer), Wunderbaum (actors collective), Willem van Schinkel (sociologist), Nathan Johnson & Katie Chastain (musician, composer of scores to films such as Brick and Looper, producer, visual artist, performer and singer in the wonderful band Faux Fix) and many more. Finally, a cooling down with Timotheus Vermeulen & Robin van den Akker (cultural philosophers, founding editors Notes on Metamodernism).

We will see you there!

Registration from 16 April 2013 via www.artez.nl/studiumgenerale