Frieze: ‘Philosophy Then, Now & Beyond’

It’s twenty years since the first issue of Frieze. To celebrate this milestone, the september issue of the magazine looks back at two decades of art, art criticism and essayism – and occasionally peaks into the (un)foreseeable future. Along with Simon Critchley and Nina Power, our very own Timotheus Vermeulen reviewed the philosophical debates that have come to characterize the 1990s, the 2000s and beyond:

As global warming, the credit crunch and political instabilities East and West are rapidly taking us beyond that so precipitately proclaimed ‘End of History’, beyond the all-too-hastily declared victory of liberal democracy, the most important question for philosophers today…is how to come to terms with and conceptualize the so-called post (but in fact not so post after all)-historical condition – or metamodernism, as Robin van den Akker and myself have called it.

The full article can be read here.