Notes on metamodernism is one year old!

Notes on metamodernism is one year old today! We would like to thank all our contributors – James, Kyle, Michael, Leonard, Nadine, Stephan, Luke, Hanka, Niels, Reina, Constantin, David, and Gry – for their great and original insights. We’d also like to thank you, our reader, for returning to our webzine in such great numbers and with increasing frequency. As the word that pomo is over is spreading farther and wider, ever more interesting observations of and ideas towards how the new sensibility is feeling, how the new aesthetic looks, emerge. In books, newspaper articles, and blog entries, people have taken to describe the most fascinating of popomo developments, from the return of the myth to the reinvention of the commons, from the new sincerity to the renewed appreciation of old affects. We will keep at it to theorise these developments, to put into perspective the paradoxes and problematic phenomena of culture today. As always, if you have any tips, email us at mtmdrn at gmail dot com.

Robin and Timotheus