Artificial Landscapes (I)

Nicole Aarts is writing her MFA Thesis on metamodernism and artificial landscapes at the Fontys University for Applied Sciences in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Her research includes the work of among others Ochoa, Sigurdardottir, Fischer, and Eliasson (see below). Any further suggestions? Contact us at mtmdrn at gmail dot com.









Top image: Monica Studer & Christoph van den Berg (2009) Loch;Palsgraaf (2009) Multiscape; Palsgraaf (2009) Indus Structure; Ochoa (2006) Extracted










Urs Fischer (2007) You; M. Rapedius & T. Rindfleisch (2007)  Monte Vera








Katrin Sigurdardottir (2005) Haul; Katrin Sigurdardottir  (2005) High Plane







Bruggeman (2008) Natureobject#1; De Cupere (2008) PTDB-Tree Virus








Steiner & Lenzlinger Mystery of Fertility (2008); Brainforest (2003)










Olafur Eliasson LavaFloor (2002); The Weather Project (2003); Beauty (1993)

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