By way of an update, sort of…

As you will have noticed, Notes on metamodernism has undergone some changes of late. For one, we have relocated from to We have also transferred all of our archives. Thus, if you are looking for one blogpost or topic in particular, say Timotheus Vermeulen’s Hard boiled wonderland – from pomo to metamo, you can either type in a search term (wonderland), click on any of the tags, or browse the archives on the right hand of the screen. In this particular case, you will find the post under September. Similarly, if you are looking for James MacDowell’s analysis of the film Glory at sea, just type in Glory or Glory at sea in the search box, click on the tag Glory at sea, or browse the archives – you will find it under July. And so on and so forth, from Reina-Marie Loader’s piece on The Fountain to Hanka van der Voet’s review of CocoRosie or Best Coast.

For another, we are pleased to announce that a number of new authors will join our ranks. In the next couple of weeks and months, you can expect entries by among others the German literary scholar Leonhard Herrmann, the Norwegian film scholar and film buff Gry Rustad, and the Dutch critic, artist, and activist Wietske Maas. If you are interested in joining Notes on metamodernism, or wish to write a one-off piece, or wish to criticise us, do contact us at mtmdrn [at] gmail [dot] com or at facebook/ We are always on the lookout for new writers and angles, but also very much up for all sorts of debate.

Do take the time to browse our new site. We hope you will enjoy it. If you spot any indeterminacies or hiatuses please do let us know so we can do something about it.